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Chapter 2: The Most Popular Names for Twins (2014)

For many prospective parents, this chapter is a logical place to start - with the most popular names for twins in the United States. Ironically, readers like this chapter for two very different reasons: some love the idea of giving their children popular and trendy names, while others hate the concept - and immediately dismiss all top names from consideration.

Regardless of your own inclination, it's fun to explore the current trends in names on a national basis, if only to know what other parents consider trendy and desirable. This chapter also shows you the types of combinations that parents prefer, which may (or may not) influence your thinking. As you read and consider each name, you can use this information to add (or subtract) various possibilities from your list.

Finally, a word about "popular" names in a nation as large and diverse as the United States: different names are popular in different regions, depending upon the cultural, spiritual and socioeconomic backgrounds of their residents. In an area with many Asian families, for example, names such as Ling and Ming will be more popular than those in other communities. Likewise, in regions that are predominantly Christian, Biblical names will be more popular than those in communities that are spiritually diverse.

On a practical basis, this information may not affect you (or the choices that you make). But it does explain why the variation among children's names is so broad in different parts of the country. In some cities, there will be five Isaiahs in every classroom, but no one named Jose or Carmen. In other places, there will be several Lings, but no one named Cynthia or Kristen. Ultimately, the names in this chapter are the most popular in the US on average, which may (or may not) reflect the demographics in your own community.

The Most Popular Names for Twins: Boys

Daniel & David

Daniel: (Hebrew & Biblical): God is my judge; (Irish & Welsh): attractive
David: (Hebrew, Scottish & Welsh): beloved

Jacob & Joshua

Jacob: (Biblical): supplanter; (Hebrew): he grasps the heel
Joshua: (Hebrew & Biblical): Jehovah saves

Isaac & Isaiah

Isaac: (Biblical): he will laugh
Isaiah: (Hebrew): the Lord is generous; (Israel): salvation by God

Jayden & Jordan

Jayden: (American): God has heard
Jordan: (Hebrew): to flow down; (Israel): descendant

Ethan & Evan

Ethan: (Hebrew & Biblical): firm, strong
Evan: (English): God is good; (Welsh): young; (Celtic): young fighter

This is a sample excerpt from Louise Nolan's innovative book:

Names For Twins: 5000+ pairs of fun and distinctive baby names for boy, girl, and mixed sets of twins

Louise Nolan
238 pages, 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
ISBN-13: 978-1933819716

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Challenges of Naming Twins

Chapter 2: The Most Popular Names for Twins (2014)

Chapter 3 : Names that Rhyme

Chapter 4. Anagrams

Chapter 5. Christian & Biblical Names

Chapter 6. Names from Literature & Mythology

Chapter 7. Names from Popular Culture / the Entertainment Industry

Chapter 8. Names from Disney

Chapter 9: Names from Nature

Chapter 10: Last Names as First Names

Chapter 11: Named After Famous Places

Chapter 12: Named after Presidents & First Ladies

Chapter 13: Named after Famous Couples & Twins

Chapter 14: One Syllable Names

Chapter 15: Lengthy (Four Syllable) Names

Chapter 16: Gender Neutral (Unisex) Names

Chapter 17. Popular Names for African-American Twins

Chapter 18. Popular Names for Hispanic Twins

Chapter 19. Popular Names for Asian Twins

Chapter 20: The Evolution of Names Since 1900

Chapter 21: Names with Similar Meanings

Appendix A: An Alphabetical List of Boys Names

Appendix B. An Alphabetical List of Girls Names

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