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Chapter 4. Twin Names that are Anagrams

For parents who seek similar - and symmetrical - names for their twins that are not cutesy or rhyming, anagrams are an intriguing choice. By definition, anagrams are words that have exactly the same letters, but in a different order. Consequently, they are always the same length - and often have a similar feel. As an added bonus, names that are anagrams are rarely trendy or popular, which gives them a certain cachet. If nothing else, the pairings in this chapter will open your mind to new ways of thinking about names - and to possibilities you might not have considered.

Twin Names that are Anagrams - Boys

Gray & Gary

Gray: (English): gray-haired
Gary: (German & English): spear

Hans & Nash

Hans: (German & Hebrew): gift from God; (Scandinavian): God is gracious
Nash: (American): adventurer

Jason & Jonas

Jason: (Greek): to heal
Jonas: (Hebrew): gift from God; (Spanish): dove; (Israel): accomplishing

Kaleb & Blake

Kaleb: (Israel): faithful; (Hebrew): dog or bold
Blake: (English): pale blond or dark; (Scottish): dark-haired

Marcelo & Carmelo

Marcelo: (Italian & Latin): hammer
Carmelo: (Hebrew & Israel): fruit orchard

Nicol & Colin

Nicol: (Scottish & English): victorious
Colin: (Irish & Gaelic): young; (Scottish): young dog; (English): of a triumphant people

Romeo & Moore

Romeo: (Italian, Spanish, Latin America & African American): from Rome
Moore: (French): dark-skinned; (Irish & French): surname

Ryder & Derry

Ryder: (English): knight
Derry: (English, Irish, German & Gaelic): red-haired, from the oak grove

Seaton & Easton

Seaton: (English): from the farm by the sea
Easton: (English): from east town

Seton & Stone

Seton: (English): from the farm by the sea
Stone: (English): stone

Tyson & Stony

Tyson: (French): explosive; (English): son of Tye
Stony: (English): stone


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Challenges of Naming Twins

Chapter 2: The Most Popular Names for Twins (2014)

Chapter 3 : Names that Rhyme

Chapter 4. Anagrams

Chapter 5. Christian & Biblical Names

Chapter 6. Names from Literature & Mythology

Chapter 7. Names from Popular Culture / the Entertainment Industry

Chapter 8. Names from Disney

Chapter 9: Names from Nature

Chapter 10: Last Names as First Names

Chapter 11: Named After Famous Places

Chapter 12: Named after Presidents & First Ladies

Chapter 13: Named after Famous Couples & Twins

Chapter 14: One Syllable Names

Chapter 15: Lengthy (Four Syllable) Names

Chapter 16: Gender Neutral (Unisex) Names

Chapter 17. Popular Names for African-American Twins

Chapter 18. Popular Names for Hispanic Twins

Chapter 19. Popular Names for Asian Twins

Chapter 20: The Evolution of Names Since 1900

Chapter 21: Names with Similar Meanings

Appendix A: An Alphabetical List of Boys Names

Appendix B. An Alphabetical List of Girls Names

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