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Few things are more exiting - and complex - than choosing a child's name. The task is particularly difficult for parents of twins, who must choose two names that define their children's individual identities and work together as a pair.

In making this decision, parents should consider:

1. The sex of each child. For girls, do you want a feminine name or something that is gender neutral? Likewise, do you favor strong and traditional boy names or something modern or unisex? The difference:

Felicia, Savannah, Evangelina vs. Hunter, Taylor, or Dale
Daniel, Ethan, Matthew vs. Brett, Shay, or Finn

2. The family's last name. Ideally, the child's first, middle, and last names should have a pleasing flow. Ironically, what is "pleasing" to one family may seem harsh and abrupt to another:

For many parents, length and alliteration are also critical. Do you want your child to have a short name that is easy to write and spell - or do you believe that the beauty and flow of a longer name is worth the trade-off?

Patricia Paulina Petrocelli vs. Jane Marie Petrocelli
Jonathan Lorenzo DeCarlo vs. John Hugh Smith

3. The uniqueness of the name. In every classroom, there are five or six students who share the same name, which was popular the year they were born. Likewise, there are one or two students with unique names that no one has heard before. Do you want your child to have a popular name, which is easily known, spelled, and pronounced, but not particularly creative? Or do you favor distinctive names that will garner your child (possibly unwanted) attention? The difference:

Sophia Ella White vs. Moonbeam Destiny White
Joshus James Stanton vs. Ziggy Maximus Stanton

Whatever you choose, remember: you are making this decision for a newborn whose personality may be different from your own. Are you willing to take a risk - or would you prefer to play it safe?

4. The longevity of the name. That cute baby in your arms will eventually become a successful adult with dreams and aspirations of his/her own. Will the name you choose last a lifetime? In making this decision, consider the following questions - and whether the answers make a difference to you:

a. If given the choice between a physician named Sonia or Buffy, which would you choose?

b. Likewise, can you imagine a district attorney - or circuit court judge - named Bliss or Genesis?

The choice you make will affect how your child is perceived for his/her entire life.

5. Consider the initials your child will have if you choose a particular name. If possible, avoid embarrassing combinations, such as IOU, LOL, PIG, FAG, and WTF. Many times, you can avoid bad combinations by choosing an alternative middle name.

6. If you choose a long or formal name, consider the nickname the child is likely to inherit. Some names, such as Katherine and Elizabeth, have multiple options, while others only have one. Even worse, you are unlikely to control whether or not an undesirable nickname "sticks." Bottom line: if you don't want your kids called Matty and Ginny, don't name them Matthew and Virginia.

7. Consider the spelling and pronunciation of the name, which can be a source of confusion and frustration for many children. If you name your child Xianthippe or Xavierius, there is an excellent chance that (s)he will spend his/her entire lifetime explaining to people how to spell and pronounce it.

8. Consider the meaning of the name, if that is important to you. Unfortunately, some popular names have truly awful meanings:

Cameron means "crooked nose"
Kennedy means "ugly head"
Courtney means "short nose"

Granted, most people aren't experts in this area or even care about it; they simply take a person's name at face value. But if the translation of a name - and its underlying connotation bothers you, an alternative choice is best.

9. Special consideration for twins. For twins, parents face an additional hurdle: choosing two names that are pleasant, distinctive, and well coordinated with the last name (and each other). Thankfully, there are many ways to choose complementary names that work:

  • rhyming names
  • names that begin with the same initial
  • names that have the same number of syllables
  • names that are anagrams (they are symmetric: the same letters, arranged differently)
  • names with a similar theme: nature, flowers, presidents, etc.
  • names with similar meanings
  • names that honor beloved family members
  • or, finally, names that are completely different, but perfectly suited to your family's needs

This site, which is based on Louise Nolan's innovative book, Names for Twins, is totally devoted to point 9 - choosing distinctive names for twins that will work for your family. Use the lists as a starting point in your search and see what fits. Experiment with different combinations of names that capture the sound and feel that you desire. Choose the names that perfectly reflect the twins you are carrying - and the dreams and goals you hope they will fulfill.

Names For Twins: 5000+ pairs of fun and distinctive baby names for boy, girl, and mixed sets of twins

Louise Nolan
238 pages, 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
ISBN-13: 978-1933819716

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Challenges of Naming Twins

Chapter 2: The Most Popular Names for Twins (2014)

Chapter 3 : Names that Rhyme

Chapter 4. Anagrams

Chapter 5. Christian & Biblical Names

Chapter 6. Names from Literature & Mythology

Chapter 7. Names from Popular Culture / the Entertainment Industry

Chapter 8. Names from Disney

Chapter 9: Names from Nature

Chapter 10: Last Names as First Names

Chapter 11: Named After Famous Places

Chapter 12: Named after Presidents & First Ladies

Chapter 13: Named after Famous Couples & Twins

Chapter 14: One Syllable Names

Chapter 15: Lengthy (Four Syllable) Names

Chapter 16: Gender Neutral (Unisex) Names

Chapter 17. Popular Names for African-American Twins

Chapter 18. Popular Names for Hispanic Twins

Chapter 19. Popular Names for Asian Twins

Chapter 20: The Evolution of Names Since 1900

Chapter 21: Names with Similar Meanings

Appendix A: An Alphabetical List of Boys Names

Appendix B. An Alphabetical List of Girls Names

If you want to read the entire book - or give it to an expectant mom as a fun and distinctive shower or baby gift, you're in luck!

We are proud to offer Names for Twins in paperback and Kindle formats.

To order the paperback version of the publication for $16.99 (plus shipping), which will be delivered directly to your door, please click here. The site accepts all major credit cards.

Finally, to order the Kindle version of the publication for $9.99, which will be delivered immediately to your wireless reading device, please click below:


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